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The thematic solution that type of spoken English intercourse studies in inscrib

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How is the subject of type of intercourse of good spoken language become in is English being taken an examination of in? 4 Mr. Zhong Songlin teachers of Beijing put forward the following to suggest:

Check problem:

1. Option fill a vacant position fills to speak completely. This kinds of problem gives out commonly two people of A, B speak, go out for nothing a certain number of empty requirement fills complete.

2. Be over form fill a vacancy fills to speak completely. Formally of this kinds of problem and " be over form fill a vacancy is inscribed " similar, want to go up according to context chooses right answer or be being filled commonly right answer.

3. Arrange order model fill to speak completely. General 56 sentences are a group, throw into confusion order, arrange right order next.

4. Conversational conjugate. General 56 sentences are a group, 56 answer sentence it is another group, throw into confusion order, choose correct answer mate.

5. Choice sentence fills to speak completely. General requirement singles out 5 to fill to speak completely from inside 7 sentences.

Solution inscribes train of thought:

Do this kind of examination questions, the circumstance that requirement classmates give according to place, the choice is optimal ask sentence or answer sentence, the title that finish. Want to had become this kind of subject, the key is the good convention that wants nurturance to tell English at ordinary times, raise colloquial level hard, the commonly used interlocution language in project of word of regular meeting of adroitness control day. Scene conversation language has a sentence brief, commonly used omit and convey means to wait for a characteristic neatly. Same a word, differ because of use time, circumstance, identity and have different meaning and expressive kind, the train of thought that becomes this kind of subject and method are Baconian rise have the following at 9 o'clock: 1. Want the scene with different basis, use different expressive method. 2. Want to judge the circumstance that gives a dialog correctly. 3. Inquiry or answer language cannot excursive. 4. With choose a law to choose correct dialog. 5. Undertake judging from language meaning. 6. Undertake choosing according to be used to usage. 7. Answer language the culture that should accord with Hesperian, custom and habit. 8. Want to use the language of civilized courtesy. 9. Want characteristic of intercourse of comply with spoken language, method of not dead polite formula is regular.

From 2004 in in taking an examination of examination paper, we can see, this kind of title of daily intercourse diction already changed the habit of the intercourse term that studies a few established by usage only before, pay attention to however the title understands in the scene. Classmates rely on mechanical memorizing solely, understanding regulation of polite formula doctrine is cannot very good finish this one project to check. In addition, inscribe in the exam model went up to also be made a few alter. Finish a dialog before, it is to dig keyword of the part in speak merely, let a student fill in, it is the ability that check student recital speaks greatly. New problem more outstanding intercourse function, dig the intercourse term of a few keys in the dialog is full, give out after the dialog option, the scene that the student must produce to whole dialog place undertakes judging, make a choice according to conversational context next. Accordingly, reviewing, when remembering daily intercourse diction, cannot be remembered isolatedly, and in answering to put them in different language situation, go understanding memory. (Beijing exam signs up for An Jingjing)