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Chemistry is taken an examination of to always review special subject in, basic

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[The comprise and makes statement about carbon dioxide is correct below exemple 1] is ()

① carbon dioxide is the ② that comprises by carbolic element and oxygen element carbon dioxide is the ③ that by a carbolic element and two oxygen the element comprises carbon dioxide element is mix by an oxygen element the ④ that atom of a carbon forms carbon dioxide is by carbon and oxygen two kinds of material are comprised

A. B of ⑧ of ① ⑤ ⑦ . ⑧ of ① ③ ⑤

C. D of ⑧ of ① ⑥ ⑦ . ⑦ of ③ ⑤ ⑥

Analytic: Material is constituted by the element. The element uses the macroscopical composition that states simple substance, compound. Material is made by element, atom or ion, element, atomic, ion is to be used state material microcosmic those who form. The method that solves the point at issue is narrate each to parse judgement respectively to place first, determine the result again next.

Option ① is correct. From macroscopical go up seeing carbon dioxide is comprised by carbolic element and oxygen element.

Option ② is wrong. The element discusses sort only, no matter several.

Option ③ is wrong. Because the element of other material cannot be contained again in the element of pure content. "CO2" medium " 2 " state two oxygen atom follows atom of a carbon to join member of a carbon dioxide, not be individual " O2" oxygen element.

Option ④ is wrong. In pure content can comprise by a kind of material only, carbon dioxide is pure content, cannot comprise by carbon and oxygen.

Option ⑤ is correct. Carbon dioxide is the material that makes directly by carbon dioxide element.

Option ⑥ is wrong. By the material that the element makes, cannot say to be formed directly by atom.

Option ⑦ , ⑧ is correct. The member is made by atom. When the member says a number, form this monomolecular atom number also should say; When the member did not say a number, atomic number also does not say.

The answer: A

[In exemple 2] following response, former and certain those who include latter is ()

A. Answer decompose reaction, decompose reaction

B. Answer decompose reaction, counteract reaction

C. Oxidation reaction, chemical combination reaction