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Before physics taking an examination of in 6 exhort: How respondent 6 kinds of p

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1. What individual choice inscribes is respondent: The characteristic that chooses a topic is notional sex specific aim is strong, strong, it is certain to have puzzle quality. The judgement ability of main check student and compare ability. Does respondent main way have two kinds? Detain? Acupuncture point 1) judges a law directly: Use concept, rule and fact to be certain directly which one option is complete affirmation, will only correct solution is singled out; (2) eliminates a doctrine: If cannot be sure some option is correct completely, also can be sure what option scarcely is correct, eliminate them first, in the rest of do in option serious analysis and quite, determine an option finally. Individual options problem is short of certainly answer.

2. What multinomial choice inscribes is respondent: There is in option or a few option are correct, but cannot be sure other option is a mistake certainly, adoption method basically is direct judgement, do not want to choose forcibly to hesitant conclusion, lest the influence notchs.

3. What fill a vacancy inscribes is respondent: Problem of fill a vacancy does not ask to write ponder over process or computational process, but need has higher judgement capability and accurate computational capacity. To the problem of notional sex the answer wants exact, succinct; To the problem of computational sex the answer wants accurate, the digit that includes a number, unit, sign, the computation of comparative exemple sex must not preposterous.

4. Of constructive problem respondent: Main check student is constructive skill and the capacity that use a method to solve a problem. In constructive problem, one kind is qualitative, another kind is mensurable. Right qualitative constructive also want some more serious, the arrow first class in the icon of picturesque light road, force should use straightedge, not too illegible; To mensurable sex constructive must accurate, what if the graphic representation law of force solves the part of the body cavity between the diaphragm and the umbilicus housing the spleen of problem, lens,nod is affirmatory wait.

5. What the experiment inscribes is respondent: Does experimental subject have 4 kinds? Detain? Instrument of experiment of acupuncture point 1) is used with what measure a tool; (The test of sex of test and verify that 2) student has done and survey sexual test, include analysis of data of measure of equipment of principle of experimental purpose, experiment, test, experiment, test and data processing, error to wait; (3) teacher demonstrates an experiment in what had done on classroom or draw the experiment on textbook; (The requirement in 4) basis lives and be being produced devises a few simple tests. Good to can answer test is inscribed, must fall to remember all sorts of experiments and requirement well in the heart in the circumstance that does not have actual instrument, respondent when the demand in pressing a problem strictly will reply.