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The division that seek a name comments on Liaoning maths, foreign language to co

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Yesterday afternoon 3:30, rise as noise of examination room bell, major candidate for an entrance examination ended in one's deceased father. Now, after partial minority examinee attends the exam of ethical Chinese, exam of enter a higher school of junior high school ended entirely 2005.

City of the hill that occupy saddle admits by examination do concerned personnel introduction, each examination room of first days of whole town is taken an examination of to not have in violate compasses condition, appear be short of take an examination of 100 more than person-time. When distributing news dispatches up to the reporter,

The first day of Chinese and manage are taken an examination of to change in let examinee integratedly feel very relaxed, the maths yesterday morning grasps as before run smooth distinguishing feature, and the English afternoon makes many examinee big breathe out have difficulty. Hill of specially invite saddle the 4 teach a gleam of at the beginning of a few junior high school are senior the teacher makes maths and analysis of English abecedarian examination paper for extensive candidate for an entrance examination.

   ★ name division judges mathematical ★

The middle school is one class teacher, new at the beginning of century school four learn pedagogic Zhang Yong

In light of the condition that reflects from examinee, this in the mathematical examination paper that take an examination of and exam specification direction are consistent, moderate of difficult easy degree. Algebraic part and at ordinary times of the school reviewing way is consistent, did not appear slant, difficult, strange problem.

Additionally this frequency learns examination paper an apparent characteristic is, appeared provincial the integrated subject that had not studied in last few years, parabola and round put together synthesis. But examinee report answers to rise or be compared relaxed.

Algebraic part check is more comprehensive, the dot involves a lot of important knowledge somewhat. Exercise part checks the application that sees a right-angled triangle, belong to the administrative levels that compares a foundation. Attention gets fully before taking an examination of reading a title put forward a specification clearly in checking key link, but not was in this year in the exam coils to appear.

Having a problem is the small-sized and integrated problem between function of a yuan of quadratic equation, linear function, inverse proportion, difficulty is not great. What additionally statistical part takes an examination of also is a foundation problem. Computational problem of algebra is radical, trigonometric function 2 integrated evaluation.

   Guo Xiaofeng of teacher of high teacher, mathematics of 26 middle schools learns in

Those who pass this is medium take an examination of maths to coil, having a feeling on the whole is: Success or meeting belong to those to have the person that prepares adequately.