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Shanghai: Mathematical proposition is taken an examination of in advantageous qu

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2005 in take an examination of mathematical proposition to be helpful for advancing quality education, be helpful for stabilizing, be helpful for what teacher and student of mathematics of junior high school changes with 2 period classes conforming, be helpful for distinguishing moderately, the basic and propositional principle that is helpful for reducing a student to pass heavy burden gets be carryinged on adequately, its " pay attention to double base, reflect measurable and new idea, divisional " propositional style also got be revealinged adequately.

Mathematical examination paper 4 big change

This year in take an examination of and 2000 - photograph comparing is taken an examination of to have apparent change in 2004.

The change of ● exam object

The student with there was the 20 % study to 30 % difficult about in the past is in first 2, first 3 already billabong, again the student with outstanding study already checked 4 school May, still have reform pilot area is alone and propositional, what only the student that 60 % control enters whole town is medium one's deceased father, outside rising focal point of city, area continuously via recommending besides a few outstanding student this year, all 3 students attended first in one's deceased father.

● exam function changes

2000 - the main function that takes an examination of in 2004 is choose, the function this year is graduate of junior high school school work exam is graduation take an examination ofing, it is to get used to the function of choose of reform give attention to two or morethings of high school enrollment system only, because this examination paper wants to reflect the main demand of education of classroom of junior high school already, should accomplish again measurable and divisional, of examination questions difficult, medium, easy than by 1 in the past: 2: 7 1 to this year: 1: 8.

The change of ● examination time

By the exam full marks in the past 120 minutes, examination time 120 minutes, the exam full marks to this year 120 minutes, examination time shortens.

The change that ● exam examination questions measures

By the past 5 big problems the 4 big problems of 27 little problems to this year 25 little problems.

But remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes, proposition was taken an examination of to still be abided by in maths 2005 " inspecting a student main operation ability, thinking ability and dimensional idea while, emphasize check student to use mathematical knowledge analysis and the capacity that solve simple and real problem, should design the particular problem that links feasibility condition and open sex issue, the computation of not factitious and fictional hard to tackle is inscribed and prove a problem " propositional requirement, increased open sex examination questions, be allowed inside at the same time and formally, conception is more original, pay attention to ability of thinking of sex of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics and check, life of examination questions press close to and life are real, check student is right all round the observation ability of the thing, emphasize a student adopting practice, enhance dug and innovation consciousness, learn scientific research technique, development uses intellectual capacity integratedly, the attention reflects the ideological content of examination questions. Permeate market consciousness, application consciousness and national condition education in examination questions.