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The expert comments on: Fuzhou takes an examination of a class to change life of

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Yesterday afternoon, fuzhou 63 thousand what examinee ended by a definite date 3 days is medium one's deceased father. The material of each division examination questions chooses as actual as student life press close to, among them the sea signs up for what published on June 16 this year " rubbish throws inland river, take a picture obtain evidence " one article, the material that chemical examination paper inscribes 9 minutes together is inspected in becoming this.

According to introducing, 5 course execute Chinese, maths, English, physics, chemistry this year the class changes an experiment area, common roll two examination paper, two standards answer, what student of area of the Fuzhou City takes an examination of is the class changes experimental division to coil, 8 counties (city) student take an examination ofing is common roll. Additional, urban district of thought politics course and 8 counties examinee execute a steamed roll an answer, history division has urban student to just be taken an examination of only.

Because the Fuzhou City starts a class to change an experiment first this year,proposition is taken an examination of in the area, how does examination paper reflect a class to change mind, can have He Dao to be being taken an examination of in next year to, became student and the central issue that the parent pays close attention to. Yesterday, teacher of famous middle school is opposite Fuzhou education institute and the Fuzhou City respectively the class changes the exam in experimental division to coil undertook wonderful comment on.


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Do life an observant and conscientious person

Comment on: Fuzhou screen east 3 years of paragraph of end length, middle schools at the beginning of the middle school are high pedagogic Yang Xiaolian

Mr. Yang says, in language file difficult Yi Kuo is being taken an examination of in the urban district this year, student answering question relatively conveniently. Appeared a new problem, understand sexual recital namely, ask examinee is recited and copy is written. Such problem although problem amount is small, but the size is large, requirement student wants to be able to recite logion name not only sentence, undertake inducing even, arrange, comprehend, take an examination of the ability that gives a student.

The composition of the examination paper in the urban district is inscribed this year is " Chinese " , student at first sight, the feeling does not know how to start, but fine fine one analysis, OK from narrow sense " Chinese " those who think of broad sense " Chinese " , there is Chinese everywhere in the life. From learn Chinese to comprehend the truth that learns to be an upright person, the thing that can be written so is very much, the state is very tall also. This also lets a student learn to think over to old Chinese.