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The issue that the composition exists is studied in Shanghai

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Compare with photograph of in former years, the total capacity that examinee composes did not appear very big change and rise. Exam composition basically puts in the problem that wears as follows:

One, the structure is simple, the article enters a problem from comment, point out " vigor " connotation, be behaved next with 9 things " vigor " , on the structure do not jump basically to go out " 3 paragraphs of type " .

2, narrative and insipid, style or manner of writing comes with narrative expressive means mostly graphic or stickup " vigor " , can come to figure ground behave with exquisite depict rarely " vigor " place. For example, mere him narrate is an examinee neighbour people when the watermelon skin on cleared stair, never think of to work work actively, from the process that continues to work arrives after slipping, with such " significant petty thing " , come apply mechanically " red-blooded years " title, profession " in this red-blooded years, I discover I grew to rise slowly. I discover I grew to rise slowly..

3, the language is conveyed flatly, force of work of wording and phrasing is insufficient. For example " think back to when me that paragraph of hour, my burn with righteous indignation, but should try hard more after me, becoming detective also is me in one's childhood dream, but now also is, my exclusive desire is everyday up... hard up, had passed each days, let us still do a few significant things when green vigor. " it is when the ending of some articles " expressive affection " , formally used parallelism sentence, exclamatory sentence, rhetorical question, but the term is cadaverous, limp, down to ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous, outsmart oneself. Similar the character below, common occurance also is in examination paper: "In life of these 3 years, I pass very happily, in life of these 3 years, I acquired a lot of knowledge, in life of these 3 years, I am red-blooded. Our years that lives 3 years is how interesting. Our years that lives 3 years is how interesting..

In addition, write careless, writing ability is low, disregard even " the reading material in cannot using examination paper " requirement, full text copies or " assemble " in examination paper contemporary article of reading material, also have certain proportion.

Read lick Cheng again caution us: Those who compose ability rise, be not the result of in one day. A few teachers and learn the ignored when the life or fear to compose, writing education lack plans a gender, negligence specific aim, more disregard individual character, 3 phase feel again first be at a loss what to do, helpless, the writing ability that causes most student is not ideal.

So, must perserve the ground catchs good writing guidance to train in Chinese education, successive, "Result be in at ordinary times, benefit is in exam " . Such truth, had been of beardless verbosity.