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Analysis of Chinese examination paper is taken an examination of in Shanghai

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Classical Chinese article reads check

Article of the classical Chinese inside the class writes check from memory

Because exam difficulty is reduced, limits is centered relatively, and the teacher grooms through series more thorough to exam research, the specific aim that reviews guidance is strengthened, examinee distributes the success in the exam in cadre good, overall notch rate it is better to be. But, read the discovery in coiling, still one part examinee appears apparent accident. Be like " Hu Fengtao Hua Lin " write by accident for " Hu Wentao is beautiful forest " ; " ability person " , " historical records " , " cool breeze " the fault is written for " talent " , " Han Qing " , " listen light " etc.

   The term explains check

The examinee control to commonly used notional word the case is basic and good, but a few examinee " low " the explanation is " shallow, humble " , " complete " the explanation is " much, " , explain they hold to acceptation not accurate, cause consequently lose cent.

   The language inside the class paragraph read check

Because exam content is simpler, notch rate in 95% above. Cause the main reason that loses cent to depend on a few examinee mastering to brief knowledge not firm, solving " old man selling oil " when the author, suspicious errant, have write for " Liu Zongyuan " , " Bai Juyi " ; When solving author life dynasty, have write into " quiet day " , " Tang Chao " . Generally the author that the student has contacted inside the class and its life dynasty, in the exam by in order to of a few examinee careless answering question.

   Article of extracurricular classical Chinese reads check

The extracurricular selection of this second exam has difficulty, together with such as the 8th, 9 problems problem is dry point to a likelihood to produce different meanings, and " the answer " of the regulation onefold, notch consequently reduce than in former years. Main show is the circumstance losing cent that examinee solution inscribes, partial student understands selection hard; " go " the explanation is " disappear, eliminate " ; Right " be " object pointing to era is not clear, know its to be demonstrative pronoun far from even, explain well and truly with contemporary Chinese language hard consequently " it is artful at using day clumsy at using night " meaning (many examinee explanations are " it is by day clever, awakward in the evening " ) ; As to " of Zheng Ren ' clumsy ' incorporate is in " on answering question, the solution that replaces behavior kind with thoughtway inscribes, more be absent a few. Additional, in reading lick Cheng, we are in read overmarginalia 8, when 9 two problems, master propositional definitive standards of grading more strictly, try to be pulled open appropriately with this notch difference, so, cadre shares cent is led for 73.04% , notch under the reading inside the class apparently.