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Shanghai takes an examination of pair of inspiration that 2 pupils learn first i

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Take an examination of in, to junior high school graduation is told natively is quite important exam, will tell to more person is significant study opportunity, we absorb their experience to teach a lesson only, ability takes roundabout way less, obtain greater progress.

■ serious study, study teaching material, research takes an exam, hold the requirement of education, the key in understanding education and pupil learn medium difficulty, raise the accomplishment of oneself. Also want the requirement according to current educational reform additionally, of the student actual, study teaching method, achieve the goal that improves study efficiency.

■ in the education in language ABC, the happening that should pay attention to knowledge develops a process, should pay close attention to the student's comprehensive, accurate understanding basic idea, consider sth as it stands of avoid by all means, come through much exercise next " understanding " , " master " concept, this kind of practice can have the effect of get half the result with twice the effort only, student not only " cannot remember " these basic knowledge, and encounter a problem to won't apply knowledge neatly to solve a problem. If the vocabulary wants the language place with proper activate, let a student experience the exact usage of the word through words condition education.

■ be in at ordinary times in the exercise, want to pay attention to an analysis to solve the method of the problem, correct the mistake study method that pursues a result only; Want to know why to solve a problem so, pay attention to the osmosis of study method, the study means of deserted mechanical memorizing. Develop student innovation consciousness and practice ability, raise a student to analyse a problem to solve the ability of the problem.

■ in the study when learning a life, want attention study method, change undesirable study way, especially some students are sciolistic high and mighty, oneself should pay close attention to more among this " careless " problem. The foundation is current the two situations that study syncretic, reckon a few years the difficulty of examination questions will be met henceforth drop somewhat like this year, so another problem dash forward now -- , learn for fear that to learn English, they are afraid of back word, be afraid of read English essay, be afraid of do English to practice waiting. How to overcome these problems, it is to should consider, solve " big question " . Current, the phenomenon of polarization is very serious, had begun differentiation individually in preliminary grade. This English achievement is not very ideal, it is to learn this kind of phenomenon that the report in learning when the life comes out to was not caused take seriously enoughly, arrive anyway 3 meetings have billabong first, want to be less than, cancelled billabong this year, so that arrive first 3 will fill again poor, when be with evening. The study of the language is to rely on every little bit to accumulate rise, cannot loosen so.