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Shanghai: Contemporary article is read notch rate promotion

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Narrate kind contemporary article reads check

This partial exam is on the foundation of requirement of exam of continuance in former years and form, except added content changing a fault and design newly fill in besides form type, the 17th, 18 two problems can detect apparently quite the Chinese ability of examinee.

The 14th problem is the check of pure knowledge emersion originally, and language paragraph the rest all can serve as the answer two sentences. Cause low administrative levels to lose the account of cent, depend on partial examinee moving with (estreat) not careful, undesirable study habit makes like that.

The 15th problem is corrected " affection not commit suicide " medium wrongly written or mispronounced characters, notch rate is high because the title is simple,be; Of 4% break cent to depend on accumulating write a habit too less to differ with the book. If change " unexpectedly, essence of life " wait, let a person be between tears and smiles.

When solving the 16th problem, read careful, pay attention to an experience to comprehend, the examinee with wraparound strong capability mostly can from textual in wraparound, Baconian piece " Mr. Liu is rotating to write lecture of ground of become enamoured of writing on blackboard, Mr. Liu; The extensive in student heart has acerb feeling, more the respect that increased pair of teachers " and such as " annals of incomplete of hopeful, body firm, have deep love for a student, have deep love for the motherland " wait for relevant content. Outstanding examinee more can the character characteristic that from heart, ability two respects generalize a teacher. But, the part reads habitual nurturance to have at ordinary times be short of the examinee that break, careless is read when the exam, or do not pay a point, or negligence affection experience, or language organization is optional, filling in (1) , (2) when two case, lack " rotate, become enamoured " such decisive term; Filling in (3) when case, ignore textual high school student " after laughing " the sentence of chest of straight express bosom, certainly will achieves better result hard.

When solving the 17th problem, outstanding answer can be mixed from the teacher " I " the character force that different point of view experiences a teacher respectively, " I " the feeling that gets thrill, reach the teacher puts flying kite to give then " I " the reason with the deepest impression, answer: "(1) the life vigor that the body deformity, teacher that passes fifty years old shows when flying kite is put in campus shook ' I ' , also put flew ' we ' ideal kite; (2) the honest, intense love with teacher vivid opposite and pursuit, affected deeply ' I ' " . Wronger answer, it is a both confuse sth with sth else, consecution is ambiguous. Poorer solution, it is to repeat " the work is serious, have deep love for a student " the conventional phrases that waits for be just empty verbiage, show the sth gives the trick out that gives its to scorn a problem to do content of text of limitation, dissociate.