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Shanghai physics: ABC should master solid

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The examination paper that takes an examination of in this year is total difficulty from before 7: 2: 1 turn into 8: 1: 1, the start of examination questions asks to be reduced somewhat; The gross of examination paper decreases somewhat, include thematic amount to reduce 26 problems by 28 problems of 4 years among them, of examination paper read a quantity to be made an appointment with than decreasing 4 years 13% , thinking amount of the title also decreases somewhat; The scale that the experiment inscribes drops somewhat, among them first phase teaching material by 20% reduce 15% , 2 period teaching material by 23% reduce 17% , the actual scale of examination paper is this year 17% , namely value of experimental subject cent is 12 minutes.

Will look on the whole, the student's ABC masters relatively solidly. Main show is in: Notch rate there are 14 little problems in 0.9 above, 44.3% what take total fraction. Be like the 2nd little problem that fill a vacancy inscribes: Be the action result about force, notch rate achieved 0.99. Be like the 2nd little problem of constructive problem again, become the constructive problem that resemble about flat looking glass, notch rate achieved 0.96; Additional, the first problem of problem of fill a vacancy " the voltage of dry cell and negative pole " , of the 3rd little problem " mechanical movement " , the 28 little problems that the experiment inscribes " research lever balances a condition " , the 22 small topics that choose a topic " rolling friction " , in protestant material, notch rate be in 0.94 above. These problems belong to fundamental title, the education that it reflected a teacher to fulfil ABC in education is solid and effective, what adopt in education is statified the study of student of the education, 1/3 after taking seriously and coach, aggrandizement double base the effect with waited for measure to rise better.

The capability that knowledge of student application physics solves simple physics problem is stronger. If fill a vacancy inscribes the 3rd problem, the 5th problem, the 6th problem, the 7th problem, the 8th problem, computation inscribes the 15th problem, the 16th problem, the 17th problem, it is to assess knowledge of student application physics to solve the examination questions of ability of simple physics problem. These problem purposes notch on average rate be in 0.8 above, mirrorred a teacher to be in fulfil ABC while, in education knowledge of student application physics solves respect of real problem ability, obtained certain result. The teacher adopts the method that through changing type training raises a student to solve problem ability is effective.

Ability of elementary physics experiment gets more effective strengthen. If the experiment inscribes the 18th problem, the 9th problem, a group the 26th problem, b group the 26th problem, the examination questions that gives priority to in order to check experimental capability of the student. Among them the experiment inscribes the 18th problem, notch rate for 0.94; 2 blank space after the 19th problem, notch rate in 0.85 above. Can see from statistic, what the experiment inscribes is overall notch rate comparing rises somewhat before. Regard the A group of last title as the 26th problem especially, b group the 26th problem, notch on average rate achieve 0.68, such result can be obtained below the case that all student enters, it is very god-given. This and we emphasize strengthening physical experiment education in these a few years is not divided.