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Composition proposition is taken an examination of to reflect in Xiamen " 3 atte

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Transform experimental division as national class class, from Summer 2002 only then, the junior high school of Xiamen city entered course to reform an experiment in the round, this year in taking an examination of is level of graduate to first junior high school after the class changes school work is big examine. Compare with photograph of in former years, the experience that composition examination questions takes an examination of to pay close attention to a student to wait for a respect in natural, society, life more in Xiamen city this year and comprehend, the class inside and outside that pays close attention to a student more is read accumulate, pay close attention to the formation of student Chinese accomplishment and development more.
The first topic writes a composition from " running water " proceed with, guide a student to dig the deep connotation that gives different common from inside the subject matter of common. At the same time by " running water " the radiation type thinking that diversity causes a student, all-around, stereo look upon thing, ponder over a problem. In light of the angle that lives from press close to, "Running water " one of leading role that are nature, it is the frequenter of the life, be helpful for all students drawing up he are opposite the experience of the life and comprehend; In light of the angle that accumulates from culture, "Running water " infiltrated Gu Jinshi article, the student makes the same score Shi Reneng to read to be accumulated more more, compare when writing achieve imaginative power easily nimble, literary grace flies upwards.
The 2nd half proposition writes a composition " that time, I was understood " criterion but empty but solid, among them " understand " meaning, can be the lucid understanding after reading, the profundity that also can be pair of someone, something, something is comprehended. So, "Understand " object, can be book content, can be the content of nature, also can be someone's full of and affectionate expression bearing is waited a moment. From the life, from read, the student finds those who suit his more easily to cut a point, draw up its are experienced distinctly then with clear experience.
The nimbleness with two compositions respective examination questions is bigger, optional choose angle is very much. Two problems cooperate each other, provided the space of bigger free play, open innovation for the student, the fact of the real situation that can cause a student adequately feels, stimulate a student's relatively strong writing desire.
   Of best composition " 5 big characteristics "

This outstanding examination room writes a composition, basically reflected the characteristic of 5 respects:
The experience lives, intendment cuts condition

The life with the many colorful appearance like running water provided rich writing material for our student. For example, " the running water that does not cease " of depict is red-blooded campus life, the teachers of each different are having nature same love, they resemble the running water that does not cease then to the care of that one sincerity of the student, moist the children in growing. " had dripped the running water of my heart " draw materials lives at outside reading, young writer benefits a lot from inside read: The book is " had dripped the running water of my heart " , "Turn over the title page of the book gently, walk into the world of the book slowly, the water of that then cool and refreshing knowledge, slowly inpour my heart " . " that time, I understood them " one article bets the line of sight to go up in social focus problem, the book that reflects miner life from (" Wu Meng's collier " ) mention, be considerate, compare the heart the heart, live through differring with age person of the state contrast strongly, the understanding that expressed young writer to live to the hardship of young miner, sympathize with and be anxious, cause people to the collier of this one special group live the attention of the state.
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