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Shallow a few understanding that talks to develop student innovation ability in

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Imperceptible in be engaged in education of elementary school English working already 5 year, in these 5 years, to education of elementary school English from unfamiliar move toward gradually familiar, be in in last few years in the job, continuous study teachs academic knowledge to enrich his, also accumulated a bit experience in real work, talk to develop a few understanding of student innovation ability about be in class of elementary school English below.
One, it is with the student this
In classroom education, the main body of study is a student, go up in classroom so, we should respect a student, use up the largest space that gives student him put to good use possibly ability, only such ability develop innovation consciousness of the student truly.
Teaching I Like for instance. . . . . . One class hour, students can use I Like. . . . . . Sentence pattern speaks a few sentences that give out on the book, to allow a student can more thorough control this sentence pattern, I let a student use I Like. . . . . . Sentence pattern adds the word that has learned before to undertake sentence-making practices, the report that students practice to this is strong, most student can be taken an active part in come in the activity, some students are in I Like. . . . . . the sentence that gave I Like Something And Something is made on the foundation, because gave students free space,this is, what they can use up themselves is main go study, attempt, creation, so that they can be entered ahead of schedule,study the environment that knows newly.
2, set doubt to open wisdom, build innovation atmosphere
Measure of the each education in English classroom education should establish news channel more, layer upon layer go forward one by one, but the education content with certain basis or language material, design right amount flexibility bigger ponder over a problem, or let a student differ from the hunting in the material of same source or information the answer, education student demands the thinking ability of different actively. The design ponders over a problem this kind, let a student undertake discussion, controversy, controversy brought a student into play to apply language material actively to organize new language content already, trained them to differ from the hunting in same information again the ability of the thinking that seek other of the answer.
When the student discusses sexual problem to generate interest to this kind, they can not learn active and Wei hardship, actively, the teacher answers to give a student at once the atmosphere of creation study English, strengthen the stimulation of language information, build innovation education atmosphere.
3, foster free-standing dug, set innovation to explore an opportunity opportunely
Quality education is the education that develops 21 centuries person with ability, the student needs to obtain the scientific method that can continue to obtain knowledge and capability, good study method, can make the student develops connate ability better. The student should be the main body of classroom study activity, the teacher should pay attention to education student to learn ability independently, make them more own study, independent the time of thinking and space; Let a student learn how to obtain intellectual means in study, in order to attain the consciousness that education innovates, raise the goal of innovation ability.