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In education of sports of shallow analyse elementary school " open sex gym "

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Ceng Ting passes a learned man such say: "Opening is outward, have explicit expression sex. If the student wants to dare not say again, want to do dare not do again, not be open so. " there is to comprehend suddenly in the heart. The development that teachs as quality develops, the individual character on classroom is reflected, humanism is taught gradually thorough, became a of sports education main target in order to develop ability of student initiative, creativity study, how to allow a student from " let me learn " to " should I learn " ? Get used to the need of society, parent, school already, take care of teenage body and mind to develop the rule again? How to define thoroughly " open model gym " ? By the heart medium tectonic model arrives imitate education, arrive again evaluation result, arrive finally dug education, consult data argumentation, specific summary is wraparound for: "Open model gym " it is a center with the student, for main body guiding ideology, it is safeguard with democratic, harmonious teacher-student relationship, learn with church student, help student compose builds his cognitive structure, raise main body to accept, attempt, creation, transform, the treatment, ability that changes message is the basiccest task, on the thought the teacher is at ease, on practice the teacher lets go, unlock, relax, putting work is crucial, go up in teacher-student relationship the teacher is democratic model, can absorb the student's opinion, make friend with the student, complement is in the reality of individual to the esteem on student evaluation difference. Have specifically the following 4 main features:
One, feature of main body sex.
"Open model gym " design main body is a student, it with " pedagogic center is talked " it is contrary, traditional teaching is a center with the teacher, of the design of the class, teaching plan write, the choice of the method, the process of executive education all is held by pedagogic skill do, what does the teacher teach, the education mode that what the student learns is incommensurate already current educational current situation, in sports education, the ability that development pupil learns independently makes the student learns own study stage by stage, the organizer that the teacher is education process only and preceptorial open mode education broke this to be manacled. The architect of education tax is machinator, give a student part or overall design task, own alternative, think independently, let a student participate in learned whole process, teachers and students decides together measure of content, education, process of management, supervisory education, communicate actively jointly, participate in in order to achieve collectivity, the goal that raises jointly. Go up for example " the basket on basketball dribble " one class hour, tell content everybody first, divide into a certain number of groups, discuss, devise an education plan. The student consults in designing a process data, picture undertake study, have actual practice likely to the playground, "Seek a perception " , to attend class to be handed in before today, the teacher chooses a better to be done slightly in design program of the student teacher and student has after revising, such education effect just is apparent.