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New study means learns " teenager bissextile earth " check study

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Background analysis
One, school environment: Dragon lake town is small be located in luck to bring city more devious a mountainous area, here economy, culture, education is relatively backward, still taking the approach of traditional teaching all the time up to now.
2, student quality: The managerial condition of environment of community, family, school and traditional education pattern learning environment that cannot create a rich and colorful to the student. Restricted the nurturance of the development of student individual character and good quality, strangled cooperative consciousness of the student and innovation spirit.
3, the times calls: The 8th times fundamental education reforms the swift and violent situation that fixing eyes upon with your common people to be advanced smoothly in the whole nation, every educational education worker will suffer his to pound, new course standard raised new requirement to the teacher, the knowledge that also improved a teacher -- educational education reform is imperative.

New concept

New course standard points out: Want the study way of change student, advocate with " participate in actively, be happy dug, communication and collaboration " the study means that is main feature, let a student grow in active, dug, collaboration study, construction is opened and have the Chinese course of vigor hard, adopt Chinese practice, with raising Chinese accomplishment of the student in the round. Pedagogic part also will transform subsequently, the teacher is the knowledge on simple meaning no longer the person that impart or apply the person that teach, and the guide that should become a student, proponent and co-worker.
(It is me below try to let a student use below such setting and concept " active, dug, collaboration " this kind of new study way learns " teenager bissextile earth " case.

Case task " teenager bissextile earth " (justice teach 5 years to make the 9th the 24th tax)

Timeline 3 class hour

1, learn this lesson a 9 new word, polyphone, understand the meaning of 23 terms.
2, can correct recite a text fluently, understand the meaning of the sentence of meaning profundity, recite the 1st nature paragraph.
3, the action that preliminary understanding detailed is written and keeps slightly, can differentiate the detailed of the text slightly, comprehend the clou of the article better.
4, the characteristic that can generalize a character from the character's words and deeds, understanding bissextile ground is lively and lovely, bright, the rural boy with substantial knowledge. Experience " I " have deep love for working people, cherish the thought feeling of childhood friendship.
5, try preliminary society " active, dug, collaboration " study means.