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Show algebraic 3 catastrophe to inscribe

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Feierma is French mathematician. Be born at1601Year, he thises to study law and be a profession with the lawyer in French Du Lu, maths is his hobby only. His achievement does not depend on him once undertaking the big case with earthshaking what wants case, or be with him eloquent make a certain capital punishment makes acquittal. His name circulates through the ages is main because of him " not attend to one's proper works or duties " the ground gains a lot of great success mediumly in mathematical domain. He made top-ranking contribution to number theory and calculus, he also is one of contriver of analytic geometry, and built the base of probability theory together with Pascal, he publishs mathematical paper rarely all one's life, his research achievement is by his after he is dead the son is arranged publish.

   1621Year, feierma bought mathematician of an ancient time to lose time " arithmetical " law translation begins to grind read, after dying till him, people discovery is in this book about errant equation "X2 Y2=z2" all on that one page of integral solution, feierma wrote a paragraph of word with Latin: "What any counts is cubic, indecomposable the cubic metre that counts into two and, 4 when any counts square, indecomposable mix just 4 times when count for two. Generally speaking, any second power, divide square beyond, indecomposable into other two are the same as Ci Mi the sum. Indecomposable into other two are the same as Ci Mi the sum..

This paragraph of word, say with present mathematical language, namely: WhenNTo be more than2when integer, equationXn Yn=znHave integral solution impossibly. This is called namely 3 catastrophe inscribe latter-day maths one of " the Martha that expend Er is theorematic " . Come more than 300 years, a lot of mathematician are opposite this " theorematic " had a proof, gain headway in succession, until1993Year, mathematician proves Cai Weiying country by Huaiersiche. Of course, his proof still remains authoritative mathematician people examine carefully.

Bach of elder brother heart is Prussian clique an envoy toward Russia, later, he became a mathematician. He often believes discussion maths problem with Oulatong. 1742Year, bach of elder brother heart put forward to guess in the communication with Ou La. After the transmission of letter in reply of this letter and Ou La comes out, mathematician the question that raises in their communication, be called Bach of elder brother heart to guess: