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Institute of Hebei Province, was established early education research will focu

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December 6, Hebei Province, Hebei Institute of Early Education and the establishment of Radio and Television University, Hebei Province, or part of the relevant professional colleges, kindergartens, became the first member of infants aged 0-6 years will be carried out early childhood education theory, methods, content and practice of research. Early Education Association of Hebei Province, Party Secretary of Political Civilization and A Short Introduction, Institute of Hebei Province, after the establishment of early education, will "pay more attention to early education Inclusive" to promote the cause of the province's early education to the scientific, common direction. It is, at present, China's problem of lack of personnel early education industry is very prominent, Hebei Province, only 46 859 full-time teachers, but also early childhood education graduates can not find work or do not fit the phenomenon of work is also very prominent. And according to research found that 70.5% of parents think that early education is to advance knowledge, they teach their children early literacy, numeracy, reading and English, learn to draw, play the piano, a lot of parents indoctrinating education, the early education-oriented errors. Experts, early childhood education should be the development of human potential and promote the brain development of the "whole quality of education", for example, children learn to draw, play the piano, must not only focus on the skills of painting and playing musical knowledge and art education, should be through art and music to stimulate children's audio-visual nerve Lyrics children develop awareness, to promote brain development, children's art to learn to listen and observe the influence of, and then be able to discover for themselves that the United States, to appreciate beauty, to further create United States, Appreciation United States, thus creating a healthy personality, elegance, intelligent brain.
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