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Ten family education "one minute"

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1, one minute exposure. Hands of parents and children's hand lifted, the greater the force lifts, the location of the children is high. Parents should pay attention to touch the child's head, shoulders, shook the child's hand to pass through contact with affection between parents and children, to convey to the children love and power. But that physical contact with children should pay attention to mood, occasion and so on. 2, a minute to listen. Seagull listen to waves, will be circled; cock listen to the dawn before dawn to sing, listen Kunpeng nine days before wings. Do not always let the children listen to, parents can convert a point of view, listen to the voice of the child, into the child's inner world, heart to heart in the collision. Focus on effective and exchange deep tongue, so you can better understand the child's inner world, to enhance the trust between parents and children and feelings. Listening to the child's speech, we must concentrate on spirits, affable. 3, one minute games. Clumsy children have fun in the game, smart kids in the game to find knowledge, distinguished by the children in Chile in the game. Games can enhance the emotional parents and children to raise interest in children's lives, adjusting the child's mental state. Parents with children to the game, must be healthy, positive, interesting, and lead children to lead a full, progressive, happy life. 4, a minute correction. Weeping willow in the wind to the correction, will have dancing; waves to the still water to correct, will have a diving; sail boat to the ship to correct, will have speed. The behavior of the child at fault, the parents must be clear that the correct behavior should be what will bring the wrong kind of harmful behavior, correct the child's bad behavior can not be allowed to develop, or tackle the backlog. But the face of the child's error, parents must first understand the subjective factors by children or non-subjective factors, the serious extent. Correction Note also that occasion, the language should be smooth, gentle attitude, not rash, should be gradual and not anxious. 5, one minute incentives. Incentives can make a person always full of confidence, motivation can make a person always full of hope, inspired to make people happy forever sentiment. Fault occurs after the child, must be corrected, but in the correction at the same time, should look at the development of children, give them some encouragement, motivate the child forward, and guide the children reflect on the situation and moving. You have to have patience and perseverance to come up with incentives to generously weapons, stimulate the child's life, interest in learning, stimulate the child's morale, stimulate the child's self-confidence, continue to promote the child's development. 6, one minute praise. Praise the sun some flowers, flowers will be bright; rain praise some seedlings, the seedlings will thrive; earth praise some mountains, the mountains will be beautiful. Children of the body always has its unique advantages, has his flash place, parents should pay attention to that child as a living and learning in the excellent performance to seize the best opportunity for praise. In praise of the process, we should note, location, tone, timing, and so on. 7, one minute to participate. Participation to reflect the democracy, equality, respect for personality; participation embodies love, harmony, harmonious atmosphere; participation can pool the wisdom and strength; participation can promote the development of the human subject. In a family, parents should respect the child's dominant position at home doing big things (such as buy a house, buy a car, purchase electrical equipment, etc.), should be aware of the child's views, let the children participate in the management of family affairs, as far as possible consensus, This will be a good atmosphere conducive to family formation. Children involved in the process, pay attention to the degree of participation, respect and guide combination, do not obey the child anything. The purpose is to foster in children the habit of thinking, promoting children's ability to enhance, rather than to meet the child's request. 8, one minute punishment. Child has very serious negligence, such as a disciplinary offense occurred at school, in society there uncivilized behavior, we must carry out discipline, otherwise the child is likely to go wrong path. Therefore, parents should show their attitudes, words can be more severe criticism of a clear-cut manner, pointed out that the nature of the error, shall be ordered to correct the error, it must not hurt the kids hands, there must be rational, clear thread on the control of their impulses, to avoid produced conflicting emotions. To master the best time to discipline the child, the child self-blame, there is the presence of others, the children especially upset Do not punish children. 9, a minute of affection. Autumn love long days before were the same color; falling clouds love solitary heron, only a total flight; mountain ridge love, only a total of a pulse. Parents want their children to understand: You are the most distressed parents who, even when serious problems in your parents punish you for is the responsibility of the parents in fulfilling love. Today you are unhappy, and even tears, and parents will be more unhappy, more tears will flow. Parents to express their love to the child must have a certain art and skill. 10, a minute hope. Children are parents live, is the future of our country. Parents expect children to grow up. Parents of the child should let the children know the expectations. For example, parents can at the right time to talk with their children to grow their own spiritual path, let the children know that parents do not want their children to suffer the same setbacks; and children together can depict the development of the blueprint, talk about a better ideal of life; can be encouraged Language training children industrious, brave spirit. However, expectations of parents of children should be rational, pragmatic and development.