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Dr. Math tutoring business: "wrong title set to" follow the online games

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Entry point for entrepreneurs to tutor a lot of people, but Dr. Chen Xu Mathematics, Zhejiang University, and his roommate and partner from the "wrong title set" was inspired, developed a teaching and data management software. However, they do not Profit by selling software, but software as the "bait" to attract more students to participate in training, providing training services profit. April this year, they founded Cerberus acquired Gezhi education of 10 million yuan investment. From the "wrong title set" development "secret weapon" Plethora of different types of extracurricular counseling agencies, Chen Xu's what Gezhi education special? "We have developed a set of teaching their own data management software, knowledge of the blind spot of the students targeted." Chen Xu said, the software that he and the team title from the fault of the students inspired the development of this out. Students on Process and acceptance of course difficult to quantify, but the blind spot of knowledge is rendered able to wrong title, Chen Xu learned to their own expertise, data statistics, data mining, data analysis, the combination of right and wrong questions, then the energy of the System To assess student learning, the knowledge to enable students to fully blind spots and vulnerabilities exposed. Moreover, teachers can adjust their teaching methods as you may say. For example, Chen Xu Zeng Yi has done such a test the software. He was looking for a middle school in Hangzhou, two classes of students about the same level, as one set of teaching a class to provide data management software. Period of time After teaching the test, that the use of students in this class of software before the problem even more difficult to accidentally wrong. "For example, Applied Maths, problem-solving skills can be divided synthesis, analysis, graphical method, assuming that method, backstepping method, Enumeration method, etc., in the end which is more suitable for individual students? The software will be able to give answers, do it from the student's question time, the correct rate to give it a correct approach. " However, Chen Xu does not currently expect to sell the software bring much profit for themselves, on the contrary, co-educational school with Gezhi use the software is free. "Currently we have two secondary schools to promote the application of this software Cases, there are several schools are talking about. "He said, Gezhi profit mainly comes from training, free software for schools to bring students to curve." Ahead, we will improve the software, the introduction of value-added services Consider the charges to feeding training. "According to him, Gezhi education received 10 million venture capital will be mainly into software development. Now, Chen Xu's Gezhi education in Zhejiang has six training schools, eighty seven teams of teachers, tuition has more than 2,000 students. PhD "sweep the streets" for the business In Hong Kong, tutoring many institutions and agencies will "tutors" to become a star like the packaging, most of the students around them to change. In 2006, Chen Xu's business partner, the chairman of the board of education Xu Lingjia Gezhi While studying in Hong Kong, in the streets find some uniformed personnel training institutions to do outdoor advertising, he felt very curious, the original tutor can do, and doing so well. At that time, including many places, including Zhejiang, extracurricular supplementary institutions so much as today's prosperity. Thus, we and Chen Xu Xu Lingjia moving from the mind, why do not we do this? Both of them in the winter of 2006 Taizhou, Jiaxing, a market survey done after the first, next year take care of 5 million to establish a Gezhi education. "Gezhi the first phase of investment in education is very low, do not have any advertising campaign, go to the store alone, a family face to face communication." Said Chen Xu, doing market research is also a destination based on parental propensity to consume, consumer Charge capacity, consumer demand, consumption radius, consumer channel has taken the five methods on a face to face, and a store to visit. " However, sweep the streets to sell, Chen Xu, and do not care, back in college, he was doing all kinds of goods in the school agency, such as cosmetics, bicycles, toys. "In this entire process with the customer contact process Still feel good, through their own efforts to benefit both themselves and the customers, bring their own do not give a small sense of accomplishment. "He says that this is for their own shop down the entrepreneurial path.