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Fuyang will be paid tutor the real thing

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Yesterday, the city held professional ethics for teachers to consciously resist the "paid tutor," work meeting. Party City Board of Education Member, Discipline Committee, Chairman Yang Yinhui Education Union City, chaired the meeting, deputy party secretary Wu Xiaozhong For speech. Attending a meeting with municipal school heads, school principals and the guidance of township (street) primary schools, kindergartens, adult schools, private school principals (principal). It was noted that in-service teachers engaged in various forms of paid tutor, not only violated the "Teacher Code of Ethics," the relevant provisions of the students increased the burden and financial burden on parents, but also violated the Education The fundamental purpose of serving the people, and damaged the image of schools and teachers, has seriously affected the image of the education system. School teachers to fully understand the urgency of professional ethics, fully aware of the dangers of Paid Family Increase the professional ethics of teachers to resist the Paid Family efforts to strictly regulate the behavior of teachers from teaching, to create a Delicate Air is the educational environment. The meeting stressed that schools should effectively assume responsibility for the management of teacher education. Based on "Teacher Professional Ethics," Zhejiang "on the good work of compulsory school performance appraisal guidance" of the fine God and requirements for incorporating Ethics in the teacher performance appraisal. All teachers in the school signed the "Undertaking Ethics", to consciously resist the Paid Family commitment as to the content of, and consciously accept the community supervision of students and parents Governor; to teachers to consciously resist the paid tutor, are not allowed without the approval of part-time puts in a lot of social training institutions, etc., written into the employment contracts of each school year. In-service teacher training institutions puts in a lot of social approval must be submitted to the municipal school Education for the record. It was further clear that professional ethics of teachers to establish monitoring mechanisms. Enhance the professional ethics of teachers to supervise and inspect the construction work, the establishment of hotlines, widely accepted community reports and complaints through the agency Will be to further strengthen the supervision of professional ethics of teachers, and promote the work of paid tutoring remediation smoothly. And require schools to remediation activities as a paid tutor to carry out normal work, and promote the health Ethics Construction Health development. Schools to improve the supervision mechanism, and resolutely resist the teachers engaged in paid tutoring privately in school activities and organizations Closely supervise part-time, puts in a lot behavior. Violation of the provisions of the in-service teachers engaged in paid tutoring, once Verified, and immediately ordered to stop the breach, in Pingyoupingxian, assessment level on a holder of the Jin Zhi, and the distribution system and performance appraisal linked to performance pay deductions; has been made on the title of senior teachers, schools should To low recruitment, slow employment, the circumstances are serious, adverse effects should be removed from a teaching position or removed from the unit, until the lifting of the offenders. At the meeting, Yu Sun Jian steel secondary school principals, respectively, Experimental Primary School Wang Longsheng professional ethics for teachers to consciously resist the "Paid Family" made a stand to speak, pledged to actively carry out propaganda and mobilization work, Depth self-examination and correction of work, organization of paid education of all teachers refused to sign the undertaking.