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About the study method of risk management

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The first chapter basically introduced the basic content of risk management and action, (1) basic content: Risk identifying -- the risk is measured -- the risk is handled -- risk assessment. This is perforative of whole book want justice. (2) the action of risk management is in with at 2 o'clock: " 1 " safe " 2 " the cost of the risk. Be based on above to undertook an analysis to whole book at 2 o'clock.

The 2nd chapter elaborated the organization of risk management and target, basically explain the risk manages the environmental system of existence to form.

4 chapters showed pass an imperial examination of the 3rd chapter risk identifying and analysis.

The 5th chapter is the risk is measured

8 chapters showed the 6th chapter and pass an imperial examination of the 7th chapter two kinds of methods that handle a risk.

The 9th chapter explained 4 kinds of commonly used decision-making methods

The 10th chapter told about computer information system

Through above the analysis can see the following:

1. Risk management is a kind of form of systematic government, perforative at the enterprise from beginning to end.

2. In the constituent configuration with its special consist in, harmonious at different goal.

3. The mathematical method that its use basically is probability theory and primary and advanced maths.

4. Place of the first chapter is narrated it is its primary technological process, identifying, measure, processing, evaluate each phase to all be put in a variety of variable.

5. Risk management is an enterprise only to main visual field, the philosophy of a kind of adaptability in tactics of the target, must adjust measures to local conditions.

Learn what the risk manages to want justice:

(1) have certain mathematical base, because the risk manages uses method, basically depend on the probability that risk accident produces and degree, can refer to " quantitative method " reach advanced maths 1.2

(2) have certain financial knowledge, the industry that depends on with its necessarily in the process that because be in,the risk element that is faced with to company place has discriminating reaching an analysis and macroscopical environment give priority to body, undertake an analysis to the character of enterprise oneself, and accountant and financial management are right undertake measuring cannot little tool.

(3) undertake analytic conducing to strengthening clerical experience to disparate industry.

(4) give a person with the fish, not if give a person with fishing. Above is the experience result that I study this book, because the risk manages be pair of integrated application to make an on-the-spot investigation, the place person of detail has its other surely, reason is number.