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"Foreign literature work is chosen " knowledge is nodded (apply to Beijing exami

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Gu Xila) horse of carry on one's shoulder

1, 3 goddess: The conspicuous after the god is pulled, wisdom goddess Pallas, beauty is magical Afuluo surname errors

2, western literature history get on two the most ancient classic work is Gu Xila epic: " Yiliyate " , " Odyssey " , with Teluoya the war is concerned.

3, horse of carry on one's shoulder is singer of a folk, namely alleged " travel chant poet " .

4, main character: A Jiliu this, Heketuoer

King of Russian surname Pu Si

(Gu Xila) Suofukelesi

1, the masterpiece that is Suofukelesi, also be the best work in ancient Greek tragedy.

2, the play is used " review form " structural means.

3, main character: King of Russian surname Pu Si, (prophetic)

Divine music. Tartarean piece

(Italy) Dan Ding

1, Engels evaluates to Dantean: "It is last mediaeval poet, be new era at the same time is original a poet. "

2, < divine music > divide in all it is 3: < hell piece > , < purgatorial piece > , " heaven piece "

3, main character: Fulancaisijia, defend salary

10 days talk

(Italy) Baogaqiu

1, casing type construction: It is with a story germinant, derivative 100 stories, it is their suit in a common setting old practice, meantime has a character to establish ties again. The story is covered in this kind of story, make thereby the structural means of a series of story form whole.

2, it is considered as the first realistic work of European, have intense anti-feudal to oppose churchly drive, highlight the militancy that behaved humanism.


(England) Shakespeare

1, 4 big tragedy: " Hamulaite " , " Othello " , " king lear " , " Mai Kebai "

2, his work represented the top achievement with classic and Thespian west. People calls him " the soul of the times " , say him " do not belong to a times and belong to all centuries. "

3, main character: Hamulaite, kelaodisi