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Japanese learning coaching: a small coup to remember words

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Japanese as a science there is a certain regularity, and memory is also a certain skill. Old Chinese saying goes: Pro Yuan Xian fish, as retreat webs. I have to say here is "networking" in small ways. Of course, because of space constraints here, can not write too much detail, hope to play a little finishing touch. First, the Japanese word composed of many Chinese characters, then one of the pronunciation of Chinese characters is fixed, that is, by the combination of the characters together will be a combination of other words such as: Information う し ri ょ To know the "information" and "capital" is "し," then "feed" attending to "ri ょ う", "food" came out: う ri ri ょ Similarly, "the" read "Mizuho san", so "capital" is the word of the = capital + し + Mizuho Mizuho ん し ん that Can remember so many words. This is a simple way to learn, you just have the law between them, denoted by the word will become a pleasure. Secondly, in addition to that law, we can also think of using interest method. For example, I often teach students Japanese language in a minute to remember the numbers: い ち with 1 2 ni you 3 san Mountain 4 よ ん Swimming 5 ご happy 6 ろ く music cry 7 し ち な な Nana inspiratory 8 は ち Kazakh gas 9 ki ゅ う Q The above figures can be fun say a word association: with and you go hiking, go swimming, I'm glad, Dole cried. Nana while breathing, while Kazakh gas, is Q, very cute. How, is not very image, one will remember it? This is just an example, we have to start telling our brain, a rich imagination, memory, words are not hard to drop. Usually, when we remember something, with the left brain, that is, left-brain approach. In fact, the right brain left brain remember things faster than 100 times. Of course, we can not spend all of the right brain function. If we really use the right brain learning, it will be "never forget", then the right brain to learn how to use it? If you remember the words one by one method, then, can say that you are using a left-brain approach. Often heard it said: One day ten words to remember, a few thousand a year would be the case. Well, I tell you, unfortunately, you are using a left-brain approach. Of course, as with the left-brain approach to learn a lot, but a lot of time to pay for the price. The human brain is based on the given conditions to work. If it is slow to enter the brain to be completed by the left brain to the contrary, if the information quickly into the brain to the right brain to process. Well, then we use this function to learn words. First of all, we, as I said above, the words sorted out, then tape them with the pronunciation of all recorded (such as fear of time allowed to find what you need.) Are you ready? (Yes, there is little time to put these words in mind they do not know Chinese characters as well, because their meaning and style of writing exactly the same as Chinese. But there are many complex characters.) Began studying it below. We put the word into parts, a "determined" Remember 300. First of all, the word generally read it again, and then turned on the recorder, put 2-4 times the speed of a recorded tape. It is important here, the eyes must keep up with reading words. Listen to three times the 300 words, and then began to follow the loud, fast read. Read several times, we put the tape a few times normal speed, you will find the words have been remembered. 300 words is not going to remember from 30 minutes to complete. Quick-look, read aloud, a lot, repeatedly, quickly listen to the words that we remember the general approach. How? It was amazing! Then, we come to talk about friends who are most concerned about hearing how should training? Here I tell a small way, is a method of reverse learning. First, prepare a box of Japanese tape, pen and the ready at the same time. Then we listened to the tape from scratch, understand a sentence, write a; understand a word to write a word. I said understand is that when the tape say "ぶ く さ ん", you can react to the "writing" means. Do not listen to too much content once, 2 minutes is enough, heard repeatedly, do not understand the last re-check dictionary. If you understood to pulls lesson. Do not understand, then to continue to listen to this 2-minute content. And this practice period is at least 3 months (be sure to practice every day), so one day you will suddenly think: Hey! I actually can understand the Japanese language. Many people have such a wonderful experience to, how, is not that simple? Even the best learning method, if you do not work hard training, and do not adhere to the practice is not learn Japanese. So: Qinnengbuzhuo is good training, a point the hard one harvest. All san, が ん ば っ て ね. There are many learning methods, as long as you're learning the process, good at summing up, we will be able to identify their own learning methods.