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Cherish time diction 10

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Classmates, we know to there are a lot of common sayings about time and line in Chinese, but you know English is medium,also have such a lot of speech? Remember below these diction that cherish time, they still can be used when perhaps talking about time with the classmate when you!

1. Lost Time Is Never Found Again. Lost time searchs to be not answered.

2. No One Call Back Yesterday. Yesterday not answer come.

3. Time Is Money. A inch of time a inch of gold.

4. Busiest Man Finds The Most Time. The busiest person enjoys maximum time.

5. Time And Tide Wait For No Man. Years differs person.

6. A Lazy Youth, a Lousy Age. Budding do not try hard, old apprentice hurts Bei.

7. A Diligent Person Values His Time. Assiduous person cherish time.

8. A Lazy Person Loses His Time. Do-nothing loses time.

9. An Inactive Person Gives Up His Time. Do-nothing quits time.

10. Yesterday And The Day Before Yesterday Are Not Like Today. Mixed yesterday all not be like the day before yesterday today.

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