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Contain the sentence of a word only

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Everybody may be right " boast swims on the west " in of thoroughly rectify one's errors the Tang Dynasty the monk is swung finally go out that concise " Let''s Go" remain fresh in one's memory. But, compare at the expression below, the Tang Dynasty monk or too 啰 Suo! If you learn to use below these the most concise expression means, I can ensure before Sun Wu sky your safety.

Absolutely! -- absolutely and correct!
Adorable! -- extremely lovely!
Amazing! -- too magical!
Anytime! -- bade at any time!
Almost! -- about the same!
Awful! -- good dreariness!

After You. -- you first.
About When? -- about when?
All Set? -- is everything appropriate?
Allow Me! -- let me come!

Baloney! -- talk nonsense! Be absurd!
Behave! -- put esteem to nod!
Bingo! -- medium!
Boring! -- really dull!
Bravo! -- too marvellous!
Bullshit! -- bullshit!

Cheers! -- cheer!
Congratulations! -- congratulation!
Correct! -- right!
Crazy! -- mad!

Damn! -- blamed!
Deal! -- that's settled then!
Definitely! -- of course!
Disgusting! -- heart of likes and dislikes!
Drat! -- be fed up with!

Encore! -- come again!
Exactly! -- completely correct!

Fantastic! -- extremely clever!
Farewell! -- good-bye!
Fifty-fifty! -- half-and-half cent!
Foul! -- fouled!
Fresh! -- very handsome! Be handsome!

Gesundheit! -- take care of! (Special use at saying to the person of sneeze)
Gone! -- ran!
Gorgeous! -- United States pole!
Great! -- too good!

Hey! -- hey!
Hopefully! -- the hope is such! Hopeful word. . .
Horrible! -- good dreariness!
Hot! -- very hot!
Hurray! / Hurrah! -- banzai!
Hush! -- (hush) breath out slowly!
Hurry! -- quickly!

Incredible! -- mysterious!
Indeed? -- really? Jesus! -- day!

Liar! -- you lie!
Listen! -- listening! Lousy! -- disappointing!

Marverllous! -- baculine pole!
Now! -- do now!

Objection! -- I protest!
Outrageous! -- disastrous!
Pardon! -- say again please!
Perfect! -- very perfect!
Please! -- requested!
Present! -- to (have) ! (When be being used at call-overing)
Probably! -- probable!

Rats! -- disappointing!
Really? -- really?
Relax! -- put relaxed!
Right! -- right!

Satisfied? -- satisfactory?
Shhh. . . -- breath out slowly. . .