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Help young mother solve 6 great pressure

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In cradle in the child's process, young mother gave certain mental efforts and physical power, the sweetness that also harvests beyond challenge at the same time is experienced. But they often also can be encountered a few unintelligible " knot " , how should they answer these questions?

   (one) the child often falls ill, mom exhaustion can'ts bear

The child falls ill is most young mother's greatest pressure. The child is not to live in vacuum, the development of immune system had be notted perfect, natural meeting gets the descent of all sorts of bacteria, virus. When the child falls ill, mom must be answered with easy, composed manner, must not panic-stricken, the child in disease is very sensitive, undesirable mood of mom also can make the child suffers " infection " , affect the rehabilitation of the disease thereby.


1. Let the child be far from a bacterium. A lot of diseases of children can prevent, accordingly, mom also is necessary to learn concerned medical common sense, the tall hair in a few diseases is seasonal, do good precaution work, it is for instance during flu is popular, do not look after children go public, undertake with vinegar air is disinfected.

Diligent the important step that washing one's hands is precautionary disease, mom should let the habit that child nurturance often washs his hands, on should wash his hands after closet, after touching puppy, should wash his hands etc, the formation of this one good convention, can help child setting prevent a bacterium to inbreak together " protective screen " .

2. Strengthen take exercise, enhance a constitution. We know, motion can activation the immune factor of human body, improve the active of cerebral cell, strengthen function of human body metabolism, the toxin after eduction human body metabolizes, promote each organ between coordinate and active.

3. Make friend with paediatrics doctor, if doctor of one height family becomes a friend, mom need not have in the child have a fever or when other symptom, immediately the family promotes a thing to move numerous ground to go to a hospital, paediatrics doctor can be consulted in preexistence phone, in necessary when send the child to go to a hospital begging examine.

   (2) difficult give attention to two or morethings of career and family, feel ability not equal to one's ambition sometimes

Many young mother not only development should be gotten on the career, even housework of give attention to two or morethings and educational child, it is very difficult perhaps to want to do a perfect mom, so do a competent mom!


1. Deliver love to the child. If hug and child are communicated,use the eyes or body language, your child can find your love, produce safe move.

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